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Brief History Of The Introduction Of Generalized Ensembles To Markov Chain Monte Carlo Simulations
Topological Charge And Cooling Scales In Pure Su(2) Lattice Gauge Theory
Z-Sum Approach to Loop Integrals
Model Study of the Deconfining Phase Transition
Dynamics of Biomolecules, Ligand Binding & Biological Functions
Deconfining Phase Transition in and out of Equilibrium
Modeling Electrostatic Contributions to Protein Folding and Binding
Deconfinement Transition in Equilibrium Lattice Gauge Theory with Realistic Boundary Conditions
Comparing the Poisson-Boltzmann Equation to Alternative Electrostatic Theories and Improving Stochastic Techniques for Implicit Solvent Models
Coulomb Liquids
Theoretical Studies of Protein-Protein and Protein-DNA Binding Rates
Topological Materials and Their Interfaces
Search for the Dark Matter Signature in the Lepton Jet Final State √(S) = 7 TeV
Photo-Excited Multiple Excitons in Strongly Correlated Insulators
Scale Setting and Topological Observables in Pure SU(2) LGT
Redefining the Actinide Series