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Predicting Student-Athlete Success
Public Forum Doctrine in Higher Education
College Student Spiritual Quest
Organizational Culture's Impact on the Effectiveness of Research Administration Units
"One for All and All for One"
Effects of Positive Role Interdependence Between Small Groups on Achievement, Learner Satisfaction with Distance, Web-Based Discussions, and Delayed Assessment of          Knowledge and Skills
Relationship Between Volunteering and Undergraduate Academic Achievement at Florida State University
Mentoring African American Students at a Predominantly White Institution
Future Role of Resident Assistants in Housing Programs at Public, Four Year Colleges and Universities
Analysis of Goal Achievement Orientation and Sport Morality Levels of Division I-A Non-Revenue Collegiate Athletes
Comparison of Academic Motivation of Academically Prepared and Academically Unprepared Community College Students
Perceptions, Behaviors, and Experiences of Extended Persisters in the Florida Community College System
Future Competencies of Department Chairs
Engaging Institutional Environments and Alumni Donor Participation Rates
Achieving the Dream
Sustainable Collaborations
Factors That Influence the Decision of Black Males to Seek Membership in a Historically White Fraternity
Effects of Economic Impact Information on the Attitudes of Potential Sports Sponsors Operating in Mid-Size and Small College Communities
Study Abroad
Mckay Scholarship for Students with Disabilities
Resilience in Academic Administration
Relationship Between the Implementation Practices of School Principals and Student Achievement in Reading
Statewide Impact Study of 21st Century Community Learning Center Programs in Florida
Athletic Training Education in American Colleges and Universities
Data Mining Analysis of the Effect of Educational, Demographic, and Economic Factors on Time from Doctoral Program Entry to Degree Completion in Education
Evolution and Expansion of Eleventh Amendment Immunity
From "Silence and Darkness"
Turbulent Politics
Student Perceptions of Institutional Values at a Public Research I Institution
Relationship Between Teacher Quality and Teacher Attrition
Matching Student Characteristics and Institutional Characteristics for Success in Four-Year Colleges and Universities
Out of the Closet and on to Fraternity Row
Use of Part-Time/Adjunct Faculty in Community Colleges
Use of Online Journals as Indicators of Situational Stress and Job Satisfaction in Resident Assistants
Transformation of A Florida Community College into A State College
Not Graduating in Six Years