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Exposure to Pre- and Perinatal Risk Factors Partially Explains Mean Differences in Self-Regulation between Races
Self-Control Theory and Nonlinear Effects on Offending
Analyzing the Biosocial Selection into Life-Course Transitions
prevalence of discrimination across racial groups in contemporary America
Role of Selection Effects in the Drugcrime Relationship
Revisiting the Sex-Differentiation Hypothesis
School-Level Moderators of Genetic Influences on Antisocial Behaviors
Influence of Antisocial Behavior on the Life Course
Gene-Environment Interactions in the Prediction of Antisocial Phenotypes
Platelet Monoamine Oxidase Activity & Antisocial Behaviors
Integrating Mainstream Criminological Theory into the Biosocial Perspective
Role of Gene-Environment Correlations during Early and Middle Childhood
Examining Positive Life Outcomes in the Face of Antisocial Traits
Dispositional Callousness, Facial Perception, and Emotional Insensitivity
Do Nutritional Factors Influence Externalizing Behavior during Early Childhood?
Housing for the ‘Worst of the Worst’ Inmates
Low Self-Control and Contact with the Criminal Justice System in a Nationally Representative Sample of Males
Sex Offender Residence Restriction Laws
Whites’ Perceptions about Black Criminality
Traditional Bullying and Cyberbullying in Childhood and Young Adulthood
Exploring the Influence of Life Course Turning Points on Elder Financial Exploitation
Is My Personality Your Problem?
Racial Threat, Residential Segregation, "Punishment Power," and Public Policy
Aggregate-level lead exposure, gun violence, homicide, and rape.
Examining Gene-Environment Interactions Between Antisocial Behavior, Neighborhood Disadvantage, and Collective Efficacy
Toward a Cross-Domain Conception of Inhibitory Control Capacity as Relevant to Impulse Control Problems
Bridging Personality and Neurobiology in the Study of Psychopathology
Perception Gap in Prison Healthcare