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Reevaluating the Link Between Volatility and Growth
Essays on the Role of Trade Frictions in International Economics
Volatility Linkages in Growth and Asset Pricing
Essays on Productivity, Labor Allocations, and Intangible Capital
Jump Dependence and Multidimensional Default Risk
Stripping the Yield Curve with Maximally Smooth Forward Curves
Certification and Fiduciary Liability in the U.S. Financial Advisor Industry
Value-at-Risk and Expected Shortfall Estimation via Randomized Quasi-Monte Carlo Methods and Comparative Analysis
Geography, Economic Institutions, Political Institutions, and Economic Performance
Multiple Imputation Methods for Large Multi-Scale Data Sets with Missing or Suppressed Values
Scalable Nonconvex Optimization Algorithms
Domestic Effects of Federal Regulation of Oil and Gas Industries
Quasi-Monte Carlo and Markov Chain Quasi-Monte Carlo Methods in Estimation and Prediction of Time Series Models
Stock Market Agent-Based Model Using Evolutionary Game Theory and Quantum Mechanical Formalism
Asset Pricing in a Lucas Framework with Boundedly Rational, Heterogeneous Agents
Investigations of Behavioral Phenomena in Auctions and Gambles
Asset Pricing Equilibria for Heterogeneous, Limited-Information Agents
Controlling Influence
Asset Market Dynamics of Heterogeneous Agent Models with Learning
Financial Assets in a Heterogeneous Agent General Equilibrium Model with Aggregate and Idiosyncratic Risk
Modelling Limit Order Book Dynamics Using Hawkes Processes
Three Essays on Competition in Regional Oligopoly
Learning and Motion Planning for Gait-Based Legged Robots