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Face Detection with a 3D Model
Systems and methods for training an active random field for real-time image denoising
RENOIR - A Benchmark Dataset for Real Noise Reduction Evaluation
System and method for generating a dataset for real noise reduction evaluation
Are screening methods useful in feature selection?
Stochastic Clustering Auctions for Cooperative Task Allocation
Supervised Aggregation of Classifiers Using Artificial Prediction Markets
Nonparametric Data Analysis on Manifolds with Applications in Medical Imaging
Prediction and Testing for Non-Parametric Random Function Signals in a Complex System
Weighted Adaptive Methods for Multivariate Response Models with an HIV/Neurocognitive Application
Artificial Prediction Markets for Classification, Regression and Density Estimation
Sparse Motion Analysis
Use of Item Parceling in Structural Equation Modeling with Missing Data
Efficacy of Aeration and GAC Filtration at Reducing Microtoxicity of Water
Image Segmentation for Extracting Nanoparticles
Testing for the Equality of Two Distributions on High Dimensional Object Spaces and Nonparametric Inference for Location Parameters
Parameter Sensitive Feature Selection for Learning on Large Datasets
Studies of Joint Structure Sparsity Pursuit in the Applications of Hierarchical Variable Selection and Fused Lasso
Rank-Constrained Optimization
Modeling Multivariate Data with Parameter-Based Subspaces
Statistical Methods for Big Data and Their Applications in Biomedical Research
High Level Image Analysis on Manifolds via Projective Shapes and 3D Reflection Shapes
NMR Investigation of the Layered Superconductor NbSe2
Crystal Structure Prediction via Deep Learning
Two Studies on the Application of Machine Learning for Biomedical Big Data
Online Feature Selection with Annealing and Its Applications
Legal Structure, Globalization, Domestic Development, and Political Institutions
Comparison of Methods for Detecting Differential Distractor Functioning
One-and Two-Sample Problem for Data on Hilbert Manifolds with Applications to Shape Analysis
Neural Rule Ensembles
Segmentation and Structure Determination in Electron Microscopy