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Microjet creation and control of shock waves
Microjet control for flow and noise reduction in automotive applications
Time-averaged Three-dimensional Flow Topology In The Wake Of A Simplified Car Model Using Volumetric Piv
High frequency pulsed microjet actuation
High bandwidth micro-actuators for active flow control
Microjet based control system
Microjet-based control system for cavity flows
Thermal Analysis of a Solar Water Distillation and Electricity Generation          System
Piezohydraulicactuator Development Foractive Microjet Flow Control
Surface Flow Measurements of Supersonic Impinging Microjets.
Characterization of the Flow-Field for Dual Normally Impinging Axi-Symmetric Jets
Effects of Unsteady Actuation on Resonance-Dominated Impinging Jets
Control of Supersonic Impinging Jets Using Microjets
Numerical Methods for Two-Phase Jet Flow
Compressible Dynamic Stall Control Using Microjets
Supersonic Flow and Its Control over Highly Three-Dimensional Cavities
Active Control of Hot, Supersonic Impinging Jets Using Microjets
Flow Control in Adverse Pressure Gradient Using Supersonic Microjets
Experimental Studies on Steady Microjet Arrays in Supersonic Crossflow
Broadband Microjet Flow Control Using Piezoelectric Actuators
High-Bandwidth Unsteady Microactuators for Active Control of High-Speed Flows
Characterization and Validation of an Anechoic Facility for High-Temperature Jet Noise Studies
Flow Field and Acoustic Characterization of Non-Axisymmetric Jets
High-Frequency, Resonance-Enhanced Microactuators with Active Structures for High-Speed Flow Control
Graph Based Approach to Nonlinear Model Predictive Control with Application to Combustion Control and Flow Control
Study of Nanostructured Cu-Ag Composites
Experimental Investigation of Supersonic Cavity Flows and Their Control
Active Control of High-Speed Free Jets Using High-Frequency Excitation
Spatial Optimal Disturbances in Turbulent Boundary Layers
Active Control of Wingtip Vortices Using Piezoelectric Actuated Winglets
Network-Theoretic and Data-Based Analysis and Control of Unsteady Fluid Flows
Active Control of Salient Flow Features in the Wake of a Ground Vehicle
Use of Resolvent Analysis for Design of Active Separation Control with Thermal-Based Actuators
Flowfield of a Three-Dimensional Swept-Shock Boundary Layer Interaction at Mach 2
Ship Weight Reduction and Efficiency Enhancement Through Combined Power Cycles
On the Properties and Mechanisms of Microjet Arrays in Crossflow for the Control of Flow Separation
Separation Control in Adverse Pressure Gradients Using High-Speed Microjets
Aeroacoustic Characterization of a Multi-Element High-Lift Airfoil
Active Flow Control and Global Stability Analysis of Separated Flow over a NACA 0012 Airfoil
Aeroacoustic Characteristics of Supersonic Impinging Jets