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Analysis of Temporal and Spatial Variations of Surface Albedo over Africa
Development of a Florida High-Resolution Multisensor Precipitation Dataset for 1996-2001 -- Quality Control and Verification
Post-Processing Improvements to an Ensemble Forecast Using an Archive of Past Forecasts          and Verifications
Statistical Forecasting of Florida Monthly Rainfall
Statistical Associations Between Large Scale Climate Oscillations and Mesoscale Surface Meteorological Variability in the Apalachicola Chattahoochee-Flint River          Basin
Developing a Statistical Forecast Model for Initiating Lightning over West Texas and          New Mexico
Chemical and Meteorological Analysis of Long-Range Transport from Africa during Austral Spring
Developing Statistical Guidance for Forecasting the Amount of Warm Season Afternoon and Evening Lightning in South Florida
Forecasting Lightning Cessation Using Data from a Network of Field Mills at Kennedy Space Center and Cape Canaveral Air Force Station
Validation of the FSU/COAPS Climate Model
Developing a Unified Superset in Quantifying Ambiguities Among Tropical Cyclone Best          Track Data for the Western North Pacific
Developing Gridded Forecast Guidance for Warm Season Lightning over Florida Using the Perfect Prognosis Method and Mesoscale Model Output
Developing Empirical Lightning Cessation Forecast Guidance for the Kennedy Space Center
Evaluating Operational and Newly Developed Mesocyclone and Tornado Detection Algorithms          for Quasi-Linear Convective Systems
Hybrid Variational Ensemble Data Assimilation with Initial Condition and Model Physics Uncertainty
Relationship of Interannual Variability in Western Equatorial Africa to the Tropical Oceans and Atmospheric          Circulation
Understanding Microphysics of Snowflakes and Snow Precipitation Process Using Spaceborne Microwave Measurements
Ozone Deposition Degrades Water Use Efficiency Across Multiple Ecosystems
Impact of Microstructure on an Accurate Snow Scattering Parameterization at Microwave Wavelengths
Role of Prior Experience in Performance and Transfer within the Space Fortress Game