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Lepton Assignment Problem for the Decay of Higgs to Z Bosons to Four Leptons
First Measurement of Top Quark Pair Production Cross-Section in Muon Plus Hadronic Tau          Final States
Measurements of the Differential Cross Sections for the Inclusive Production of a          Photon and Heavy Flavor Jet
Precision Measurement of the 1S2S 1S0 – 1S2P 3P1 Interval in Helium-like Silicon          Using Fast-Beam Laser Spectroscopy
High-Spin Nuclear Structure of 168,170Ta and Triaxial Strongly Deformed Structure in          160Yb
Bayesian Neural Networks for Classification
Supersymmetry at pp¯, pp and e+e− Colliders in Light of Wmap Measurements of the Dark Matter Density of the Universe
First Measurement of Deeply Virtual Compton Scattering with Polarized Proton Target
Cold Nuclear Matter Effects on J/ψ → e+e̅ and ψ́ → e+e̅ Production in d + Au Collisions at 200 GeV
Deconfinement Transition in Equilibrium Lattice Gauge Theory with Realistic Boundary Conditions
Topics in Physics Beyond the Standard Model
Search for Multiply Charged Heavy Stable Charged Particles in Data Collected with the CMS Detector
Measurement of Polarization Observables in γ[over rightarrow]p[over rightarrow] → pπ⁺π⁻ Using Circular Beam and Longitudinal Target Polarization and the CLAS Spectrometer at Jefferson Laboratory
Search for Contact Interactions Using the Inclusive Jet √ pT Spectrum in PP Collisions at S = 7 TeV
Evidence for Single Top Quark Production Using Bayesian Neural Networks
Measurement of the Polarization Observables I[superscript s] and I[superscript c] for rγ p → pπ⁺ π⁻ Using the CLAS Spectrometer
Search for Supersymmetry at CMS in Events with Photons, Jets and Low Missing Transverse Energy
Search for Resonances in the Photoproduction of Proton-Antiproton Pairs
Search for N* Resonances
Transport and Tunneling Investigation of Strongly Correlated Superconducting and Magnetic Thin Films
Non-Aqueous Electrochemical Studies of Lanthanide and Actiniide Complexes
High-Field Magnetoresistance in Lanthanum-Based Cuprate Superconductors
Search for New Physics with a Three Photon Final State Using the CMS Detector
Dalitz Plot Analysis and Extraction of Spin Density Matrix Elements for the Ω → 3Π Decay
Lanthanide and Actinide Selenites
Search for Supersymmetry with Two Photons and Missing Transverse Energy at CMS at a Center of Mass Energy of 13 TeV
Search for Heavy Stable Charged Particles √s = 13 TeV Utilizing a Multivariate Approach
Measurement of the Triple Differential Cross Section for Photon+Jet Events with the CMS Detector at a Center of Mass Energy of 8 TeV