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Initial Results from the Shelf Geomorphology and Habitat Mapping Cruise
NRL Ocean Modeling for the Gulf of Mexico: Towards Earth System Capability
Putting It All Together: The Deep-C Atlantis Model
A Time-Series of Surface Oil Distribution Based on SAR and Regional Difference in Megafauna Abundance Related to Geomorphology and Depth Gradients in DeSoto Canyon
Changes in bacterioplankton community structure after exposure to oil and dispersants in the Northeastern Gulf of Mexico
Deep-C Consortium: A Long-Term, Interdisciplinary Study of Deep Sea to Coast Connectivity in the Northeasten Gulf of Mexico
Deep-C Poster
Demersal fish assemblages associated with Desoto Canyon and the continental slope of the eastern Gulf of Mexico
Northeastern Gulf of Mexico Microbiological DNA Biodiversity Observations
Ecological Impacts of the Deepwater Horizon Discharge on Sedimentary Microbial Communities of DeSoto Canyon, Gulf of Mexico
Microbial Reactivity on the West Florida Panhandle Bight Shelf
Deposition and Degradation of DWH Oil in Gulf Sediments
The Response of Benthic Microbial Communities to the Deposition of Macondo Oil