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Multi-Rate Co-Simulation Interfaces Between the RTDS and the Opal-RT
Information-Theoretic Characterization of Dynamic Energy Systems
Utilization of Impedance Matching to Improve Damping Impedance Method-Based Phil Interface
Real-Time High Speed Generator System Emulation with Hardware-in the-Loop Application
Analysis and Implementation of Grid-Connected Solar PV with Harmonic          Compensation
Utilization of Nonlinear Dynamics in the Converter Design Process
Development of a Virtual Grid Interface for Phev Integration Analysis
Guiding the Selection of Physical Experiments for the Validation of a Model Designed to Study Grounding in DC Distribution Systems
Application of an Intelligent Tuning Algorithm for Three-Level NPC Rectifier for          Shipboard Power Distribution
Real-Time Switched Reluctance Machine Emulation via Magnetic Equivalent Circuits