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Multi-Rate Co-Simulation Interfaces Between the RTDS and the Opal-RT
Information-Theoretic Characterization of Dynamic Energy Systems
Utilization of Impedance Matching to Improve Damping Impedance Method-Based Phil Interface
Real-Time High Speed Generator System Emulation with Hardware-in the-Loop Application
Search for New and Unusual Strangeonia in Photoproduction Using CLAS
Heat Transfer and Pressure Drop in Forced Flow Helium II at High Reynolds Numbers
Analysis and Implementation of Grid-Connected Solar PV with Harmonic          Compensation
Utilization of Nonlinear Dynamics in the Converter Design Process
Development of a Virtual Grid Interface for Phev Integration Analysis
Guiding the Selection of Physical Experiments for the Validation of a Model Designed to Study Grounding in DC Distribution Systems
Application of an Intelligent Tuning Algorithm for Three-Level NPC Rectifier for          Shipboard Power Distribution
Institutional Ties, Interlocal Contractual Arrangements, and the Dynamic of          Metropolitan Governance
Graph Based Approach to Nonlinear Model Predictive Control with Application to Combustion Control and Flow Control
Simulation Tools and Techniques for Analyzing the Impacts of Photovoltaic System Integration
Distributed Robust Adaptive Droop Control for DC Microgrids
Real-Time Switched Reluctance Machine Emulation via Magnetic Equivalent Circuits
Coulomb Pseudogaps and Their Role at Metal-Insulator Transitions
Experimental Investigation of On-Chip ESR Techniques in Multiple Temperature Regimes
Modular Multilevel Converter and Fault Current Management in Medium Voltage DC System of an Electric Ship
Real-Time Small Signal Stability Assessment of the Power Electronic-Based Components in Contemporary Distribution Systems
Distributed Adaptive Droop Control for Power Management in DC Distribution Systems
Sensor Fault Detection and Isolation in Power Systems
Low Voltage Ride-through for Photovoltaic Systems Using Finite Control-Set Model Predictive Control
Investigation of Alternative Cryogenic Dielectric Materials and Designs for High Temperature Superconducting Devices