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Magnetic Ground States And Magnetodielectric Effect In Rcr(bo3)(2) (r = Y And Ho)
Multistage symmetry breaking in the breathing pyrochlore lattice Li(Ga,In)Cr4O8
Search For A Nematic Phase In The Quasi-two-dimensional Antiferromagnet Cucro2 By Nmr In An Electric Field
Magnetic Properties Of The Triangular Lattice Magnets A(4)b ' B2o12 (a=ba, Sr, La; B '=co, Ni, Mn; B=w, Re)
Structural And Magnetic Properties Of Two Branches Of The Tripod-kagome-lattice Family A(2)r(3)sb(3)o(14) (a = Mg, Zn; R = Pr, Nd, Gd, Tb, Dy, Ho, Er, Yb)
Fermi Surface Reconstruction And Dimensional Topology Change In Nd-doped Cecoin5
Fermi surface reconstruction in FeSe under high pressure