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Bayesian Updating of Track-Forecast Uncertainty for Tropical Cyclones
Climate Mechanism for Stronger Typhoons in a Warmer World
Clouds and temperature drive dynamic changes in tropical flower production
Combined Risk Of Extreme Tropical Cyclone Winds And Storm Surges Along The Us Gulf Of Mexico Coast
Daily Tornado Frequency Distributions in the United States
Fisheries regulatory regimes and resilience to climate change.
Functional diversity of catch mitigates negative effects of temperature variability on fisheries yields.
Influence Of Global Warming On Western North Pacific Tropical Cyclone Intensities During 2015
Marine Spatial Planning Makes Room For Offshore Aquaculture In Crowded Coastal Waters
Offshore Aquaculture In The United States
Population And Energy Elasticity Of Tornado Casualties
Quantifying the sensitivity of maximum, limiting, and potential tropical cyclone intensity to SST
The Relationship between Elevation Roughness and Tornado Activity
Remote sensing of dominant species for quantifying ecosystem services
Root Functional Diversity Of Native And Nonnative C-3 And C-4 Grass Species In Hawai'i
Spatial Variation In The Quality Of American Community Survey Estimates
Statistical Models for Tornado Climatology
Summer indoor heat exposure and respiratory and cardiovascular distress calls in New York City, NY, U.S.
The Relationship between Elevation Roughness and Tornado Activity
Tornado Intensity Estimated from Damage Path Dimensions
Tropical Forest Temperature Thresholds For Gross Primary Productivity
Working with Climate Projections to Estimate Disease Burden