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Latent Profile Analysis of Rumination
Latent Change Score Modeling Approach to Investigating Developmental Relations between Phonological Awareness and Decoding Ability in Early Readers
Simulation Study on the Performance of the Simple Difference and Covariance Adjusted Scores in Randomized Experimental          Designs
Developmental Relations Between Reading and Writing at the Word, Sentence and Text Levels
Effects of ADHD and Test Anxiety on Reading Comprehension and Test Performance
Modeling the Development of Prereaders' Phonological Processsing Skills
Analogue Test of Amato's "Good Enough Marriage" Hypothesis
Multiple Mediator Model for the Association Between Religiosity and Suicidal Behavior
Latent Variable Modeling Approach to the Simple View of Reading
Examining Potential Bias in Pre-Service Teachers’ Interpretations of Students’ Reading Abilities
Acquisition of Alphabetic Knowledge
What Do Children Know, When They Know a Word?
Role of Parafoveal Information in Rapid Letter Naming
Developing Emergent Literacy Skills
Relationships Betweeen Measures of Word Knowledge and Reading Comprehension in Third-Grade Children
Relationships Betweeen Measures of Word Knowledge and Reading Comprehension in Third- and Seventh-Grade Children
Joint Modeling of the Component Skills of Reading and Writing
Spanish Translation and Validation of the Interpersonal Needs Questionnaire
Investigating the Factor Structure of Vocabulary Knowledge
Examining the Factor Structure of the Acquired Capability for Suicide Scale
Assessment of Preschool Vocabulary
Examination of Gene X Socioeconomic Status Interactions for Reading Achievement
Exploring the Impact of Text Structures on Reading Comprehension
Development of Writing
Comparing Generic and Passage-Specific Assessments of Vocabulary and Fluency as          Predictors of Reading Comprehension in Narrative and Expository Passages
Testing the Generalist Gene Theory on a Diverse Twin Sample
Rate and Accuracy in Reading and Rapid Naming
Do Individual Differences in Lexical Representations or Speech Output Account for Relations Between Nonword Repetition or Vocabulary?
Nature of Morphological Knowledge