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Eye and Mind's Eye
Adjustment to Parkinson's Disease
Role of Urgency in Maladaptive Coping Behaviors
Affective and Behavioral Dysregulation
Understanding the Relationship Between Emotional and Behavioral Dysregulation
Emergent Literacy Screeners for Preschool Children
Relationship Among Linguistic Patterns, Thwarted Belongingness, Perceived          Burdensomeness, and Suicidal Behavior
Assessment of Children's Response Styles
Relationship Between Anger Rumination and Aggression in Childhood
Effect of Alcohol Intoxication on Race-Biased Responding
Actuarial Prediction of Institutional Maladjustment and Recidivism in Severe Male Juvenile Offenders
Gender Role and Biological Sex Uniquely Relate to Disordered Eating
Ataques de Nervios
Symbol of Hate or Pride
Successful Psychopaths
Literacy and Self-Regulation in First Grade Classrooms
Construct Validity of the Interpersonal Needs Questionnaire
Testing the Generalist Gene Theory on a Diverse Twin Sample
Factor Structure of Symptoms in Toddlers with Autism Spectrum Disorder
Cognitive Risk Factors of Aggression in Male Juvenile Offenders
Association of Teachers' Perceptions with Second Graders' Behavior and Academic Achievement
Stopping the Revolving Door
Latent Change Score Modeling of Developmental Relations Between Vocabulary and Reading Comprehension
Spelling as It Relates to Literacy
Joint Modeling of the Component Skills of Reading and Writing
Association Between Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder Symptoms, Impairment, and Oculomotor Performance in a Non          Referred College Sample
Pathoplastic Vulnerability Model
Developmental Relations Between Reading and Writing at the Word, Sentence and Text Levels
Does Gender Role Moderate the Relationship Between Empathy and Psychopathy?