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Depression, Hippocampal Volume Changes, and Cognitive Decline over Time in a Clinical Sample of Older Depressed Outpatients and          Non Depressed Controls
Mental Health Among Hispanics and Caucasians
Experimental Test of the Escape Theory of Binge Eating
Melancholic Depression and Its Relationship to Cognitive Decline
Gender Differences in the Association Between a Serotonin Transporter Gene Polymorphism and Psychopathology
Neurcognitive Function and Dementia in Early versus Late-Onset Depression
Real-Time Evaluation of Emotional Cascades in Borderline Personality Disorder
Increasing Adherence in Aging Interventions Using Action Video Games by Adding a Social Component
Self-Verification and Self-Aggressive Behavior
African American and White Students' Reactions to Viewing a News Report of a Hate Crime
Social Support and Depression Among Community Dwelling Older Adults
Assessing the Effectiveness of Modular Psychotherapy in a Community Clinic
Stress, Race, and APOE
Affective and Behavioral Dysregulation
Suicidality and Impulsivity
Testing the Effectiveness of a List of Suicide Warning Signs for the Public
Can Smaller Steps Lead to Greater Progress?
Objectively-Assessed Sleep Disturbances as a Unique Suicide Risk Factor
Implications of Internal and External Motivation to Respond without Prejudice for Interracial Interactions