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Improving the Detection of Feigned Factual Knowledge Deficits in Defendants Adjudicated Incompetent to Proceed
Fantastic and Forgiven
Panic Symptoms and Anxiety Sensitivity in African Americans
Mental Representation Mediation in Expert Golf Putting
Revisiting the Sex-Differentiation Hypothesis
Mental Health Among Hispanics and Caucasians
Religious Prejudices as a Religious Worldview Maintenance Strategy
Linguistic Alignment
Stereotype Suppression Effects on Self-Control of Alcohol Consumption
Expert Performance Approach to Examining Factors Contributing to Academic Success in Organic Chemistry
Gender Differences in the Association Between a Serotonin Transporter Gene Polymorphism and Psychopathology
Fear of Social Contagion and Antigay Attitudes
Expert Performance Approach to Examining Individual Differences in Study Strategies
Affiliation versus Hostility
Effects of Interpretation Bias Modification on Tolerance of Uncertainty and Compulsive Checking Symptom          Presentation
Dark Side of Commitment
Want to Stand Out or Blend in?
Adding Insult to Injury
Relationship Among Linguistic Patterns, Thwarted Belongingness, Perceived          Burdensomeness, and Suicidal Behavior
Mood Regulation Skill and the Symptoms of Endogenous and Hopelessness          Depression
Diagnostic Agreement
Measuring and Changing Employee Work Behavior
Substance Use Problems and Negative Life Events in College Students
Age-Related Differences in Memory Accuracy and Memory Monitoring
Forming Impressions About Homosexuals
Dedicated vs. Coerced
Little Bird Told Me...
Judged by the Company You Keep?
Racing to Help
White ≠ Poor
Implications of Mating Motives for Social Contagion Concerns and the Avoidance of Lesbians and Gay Men
Impact of Therapeutic Jurisprudence on Mental Health Court Outcomes
Evaluating the Effects of Clutter on Information Processing Deficits in Hoarding Prone Individuals
Blame Game
Does Resolved Uncertainty Continue to Undermine Self-Regulation?
Item-Specific and Relational Processing Account of Emotional Memory          Enhancement
Pride and Humility
Power to Help
Implications of Burdensomness Expectancies for Avoidance in Interracial          Interaction
Deliberate Practice, Mental Representations, and Skilled Performance in Bowling
Energy in the Air and Psychological Work
Thinking About Being Thin
Test of an Interactive Model of Bulimic Symptomatology in Middle Aged Women
Implications of National Symbols for Majority and Minority Group Members' Academic Performance
Complexity of Intergroup Interactions
Hormones and Social Affiliation
Romantic Love Modulates Attentional Attunement to Alternative Potential Mates
Role of Processing Strategy in the Cross-Race Effect
Implications of Internal and External Motivation to Respond without Prejudice for Interracial Interactions
Effect of Alcohol Intoxication on Race-Biased Responding