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Behavioral Assessment of Finger-Counting on SNARC
Latent Change Score Modeling Approach to Investigating Developmental Relations between Phonological Awareness and Decoding Ability in Early Readers
Dissociation and Anxiety Sensitvity
Are All Measures of Inhibition Creatively Equal?
Examination of Interpretation Bias Modification for Intolerance of Uncertainty
Where Action Meets Linguistic Meaning
On the Precision of Attention Sets
Committed but Closed-Minded
Unfulfilled Goals Interfere with Other, Unrelated Pursuits
Investigating the Simulation of Event Locus during Online Comprehension
What Do Children Know, When They Know a Word?
Motor Resonance and Linguistic Focus
Racing to Help
Power and Belonging
Making the Connections Between Elements Participating in Cognitive Associations
Factors Affecting the Likelihood of Constrained Retrieval
Effect of Recent Visual Experience on Later Reading
Interference and Facilitation
Bilingual Advantage on Tasks of Interferernce Suppression and Response Inhibition Among Language Minority Youth
Head to Toes Approach to Computerized Testing of Executive Functioning in Young Children