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Your Reputation Precedes You
Neuroendocrine and Affective Responses to Social Rejection and Acceptance by Peers
Need to Belong and Motivated Gratitude
Forgiving Freely
Stereotype Suppression Effects on Self-Control of Alcohol Consumption
Want to Stand Out or Blend in?
Committed but Closed-Minded
Unfulfilled Goals Interfere with Other, Unrelated Pursuits
Free to Choose, Free to Dislike
Risk-Taking as a Mating Strategy
Two Side-Effect Effects
Does a Broken Heart Lead to an Empty Wallet?
Glucose Allocation during Self-Regulation as a Function of Cognitive Assumptions, Role Motivations, and Monetary Incentives
Power and Belonging
Ego Depletion Decreases Trust in Economic Decision Making
Does Resolved Uncertainty Continue to Undermine Self-Regulation?
Wearing Your Heart on Your Sleave
Psychological Presence of Family Improves Self-Control
Pride and Humility
Alone but Feeling No Pain
Power to Help
Shooting the Shit
Grit, Self-Control and the Fear of Failure
Effect of Social Exclusion on Close Relationships
Self-Regulation and Sexual Restraint
Energy in the Air and Psychological Work
If I Can't Feel Your Pain, Then I Inflict Pain on You
What You Don't Know Can Hurt You
Sex Ratio, Sociosexual Orientation, and Intrasexual Aggression
Ego Depletion, Working Memory, and the Executive Function of the Self