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Accident-Based Model for Estimating User Costs on Florida Bridges
Empirical Deck for Phased Construction and Widening
Comparison of Fatal Traffic Crashes in Southern and Northern Regions of the State of Florida a Study of Fatal Traffic Crashes in Florida from 1998-2000
Connectionist Approach to Developing Highway Vehicles Classification for Use in Florida
Development of Florida Length Based Vehicle Classification Scheme Using Support Vector Machines
Parametric Optimization of Steel Floor System Cost Using Evolver
Simulation Analysis of Truck Restricted and HOV Lanes
Analysis of Cost Change in Air Force Construction Projects from Planning to Completion
Buildings' Sustainability Analysis
Environmental Impact Assessment of Transportation Projects
Real-Time Construction Project Progress Tracking
Multi-Criteria Approach for Rating Roadway Sustainability
Long-Term Performance of Epoxy Filled Steel Grate Decking
Replacement Cost Model for Moveable Bridges
Development of User Cost Model for Movable Bridge Openings in Florida
Integrated Approach to Transportation Infrastructure Management
Evaluating the Relevance of 40 MPH Posted Minimum Speed Limit on Rural Interstate Freeways