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Optimal Design of Passive Fluid Viscous Dampers for Controlling Vibrations in Seismically-Excited Truss Towers
Mitigation of Vortex Induced Response in Long Span Bridges
Influence of Anomalies on Bond Layer to the Perfomance of Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) Retrofit
Finite Element Analysis on the Effect of Fire for Specified Duration, on a Reinforced Concrete Beam with Varied Boundary Conditions
Engineering Properties of Florida Concrete Mixes for Implementing the Aashto Recommended Mechanistic Empirical Rigid Pavement Design Guide
Transverse Analysis and Field Measurements of Segmental Box Girder Bridges
Side Impact of a Paratransit Bus
Analysis of Tilt-Up Building Design and Industry Standard Practices in Tornado-Prone Regions
Risk Assessment of Florida's Coastal Bridges Exposed to Hurricane-Induced Storm Surge Wave Forces
Mitigation of Vortex-Induced Vibrations in Cables Using Macro-Fiber Composites
Influence of Surface Friction and Other Parameters on Concrete's Response to Loading
Investigation of Carbon Fiber Composite Cables (CFCC) in Prestressed Concrete Piles
Effects of Secondary Elements and Joints on Strain Distribution in Composite Steel Girder Bridges
Exploration of Monostrand Use in Segmental Box Girder Bridges
Evaluation of Dynamic Load Allowance Factors for Reinforced Concrete Highway          Bridges
Barrier, Joint, and Diaphragm Effects on Force Distribution in Prestressed Concrete Girder Bridges
Dynamic Interaction Between Heavy Vehicles and Highway Bridges
Bulb-T Girder Bridge Barrier Effect on Live Load Distribution
Mitigation Techniques for Aluminum Pool Enclosure Connections in High Wind Speeds