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Safety Analysis of Transit Bus Operators
Safety Analysis of Florida Urban Freeways with Special Focus on the Influence of Truck Lane Restriction Policy
Developing Crash Modification Factors for Urban Highway with Substandard Wide Curb Lane
Developing Design and Evaluation Criteria for Transit Station with the Focus on Intermodal Connectivity          Developing Design and Evaluation Criteriafor Transit Station 
Unconventional Intersection Designs for Improving Through Traffic along the Arterial Road
Evaluation of Florida Vehicle Classification Table
Evaluation of Florida Asphalt Mixtures for Crack Resistance Properties Using the Laboratory Overlay Test Procedure
Risk and Vulnerability Analysis of Civil Infrastructure
Analysis of Route Choice and Activity Scheduling Dynamics in Multi-Agent Transport Simulation Environment for Efficient Network Demand Estimation
GIS-Based Spatial and Temporal Analysis of Aging-Involved Crashes in Florida
Evaluation of Granular Subgrade Modulus from Field and Laboratory Tests
Evaluation of the Distribution of Interchange Crashes Based on Severity Level
Determination of Optimum Lengths of Active and Inactive Elements of a Segmented Sensor for Discriminating Among Single, Super Single, and Dual Tires
Replacement Cost Model for Moveable Bridges
Evaluation of Truck Lane Restriction on Non-Limited Access Urban Arterials