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Dissipation Processes in the Tongue of the Ocean
Direct Determination of Nitrogen Removal Rates and Pathways in Coastal Ecosystems
Microbial Community Diversity Associated with Carbon and Nitrogen Cycling in Permeable Marine Sediments
Deep-Sea Faunal Investigations from Macrofaunal Abundance to Harpacticoid (Crustacea Analyses of          Harpacticoids
On Species' Boundaries in Zausodes-Complex Species
Molecular Characterization of a Microbial Community from Uranium-Contaminated Acidic Sediment
Aerosol Iron Solubility
Oxygen and Dissolved Organic Carbon Dynamics in Coastal Permeable Sediments
Microalgae to Biofuel
Influence of Sedimentary Gas Ebullition on Interfacial Transport in Permeable Marine Sands
Ecology of Phytoplankton, Acartia Tonsa, and Microzooplankton in Apalachicola Bay,          Florida
Effect Hypoxia Has on Feeding and Egg Production Rates of Acartia Tonsa Dana 1849          (Copepoda
Biochemical Composition of Naupii Derived from Stored Non-Diapause and Diapause          Copepod Eggs and the Biology of Diapausing Eggs
Spatial and Temporal Assessment of Factors Controlling Denitrification in Coastal and Continental Shelf Sediments of the Gulf of Mexico
Stable Isotope Studies of Methane Production in Northern Wetlands
Effective Reduction of Methane Emissions from Landfills Using a Biocover Approach
Timing of Benthic Copepod Emergence—A Laboratory Flume Study