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Are Subterranean Estuaries a Source of Chromophoric Dissolved Organic Matter (CDOM) to the Coastal Ocean?
Dissolution of Biogenic Silica in Permeable Coastal Sands
Effects of Seagrass on the Benthic Distribution of Copepod Resting Eggs
Fluorimetric Detection of Total Dissolved Zinc in the Southern Indian Ocean
Direct Determination of Nitrogen Removal Rates and Pathways in Coastal Ecosystems
Internal Wave Propagation and Numerically Induced Diapycnal Mixing in Oceanic General Circulation Models
Microbial Community Diversity Associated with Carbon and Nitrogen Cycling in Permeable Marine Sediments
Atmospheric Mercury Input to the Pensacola Bay Watershed
Variability of Certain Life-History Parameters of Early Juvenile Gag Grouper (Mycteroperca Microlepis, Pisces
Quantification of Prokaryotic Gene Expression in Shallow Marine Subsurface Sediments of Aarhus Bay, Denmark
Dinoflagellate Bioluminescence Limitation
Oxygen Consumption Rates in Permeable Gulf of Mexico Sediments
Deep-Sea Faunal Investigations from Macrofaunal Abundance to Harpacticoid (Crustacea Analyses of          Harpacticoids
Nutrient Distributions and Residence Times in St. Andrew Bay, Florida
Structure and Function of Microbial Communities Controlling the Fate and Transformation of U(VI) in Radionuclide Contaminated          Subsurface Sediments
Doc Reactivity in a Northern Minnesota Peatland
Multiyear Eulerian Current Observations Near the Florida Big Bend Coast
Oxygen and Dissolved Organic Carbon Dynamics in Coastal Permeable Sediments
Microalgae to Biofuel
Influence of Sedimentary Gas Ebullition on Interfacial Transport in Permeable Marine Sands
Temperature Regulation of Nitrate-Respiring Microbial Communities in Permanently Cold Arctic Sediments
Seasonal Turbulence Variability on the Continental Shelf
Impacts of Deep-Sea Carbon Sequestration and of Ciliate Epibionts on Harpacticoid          Copepods
Biochemical Composition of Naupii Derived from Stored Non-Diapause and Diapause          Copepod Eggs and the Biology of Diapausing Eggs
Degradation of Dissolved Organic Carbon in Permeable Coastal Sediments
Submarine Groundwater Discharge Driving Mechanisms and Biogeochemical Aspects