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Improving Forecasts of First Cloud-to-Ground Lightning Flashes Using Relationships Between Reflectivity and in-Cloud          Flashes
Analysis of Cyclogenesis for Mid-Latitude and Tropical Storms Using the Petterssen-Sutcliffe Development Equation
Diagnostic Study of the Effects of Trough Interactions on Tropical Cyclone QPF
Climatology and Analysis of the Decay of Tropical Cyclones Making Landfall in the U.S. from the Atlantic Basin
Examination of Summertime Transport Processes during Intex-A Using Meteorological Analyses and Synthetic Mopitt Carbon Monoxide Retrievals
Development of Forecast Confidence Measures Using NCEP Ensembles
Atlantic Reconnaissance Vortex Message Climatology and Composites and Their Use in          Characterizing Eyewall Cycles
Impact of Cumulus Parameterization Schemes on the Convective Transport of Biomass Burning Emissions Using WRF-Chem
Statistical Associations Between Large Scale Climate Oscillations and Mesoscale Surface Meteorological Variability in the Apalachicola Chattahoochee-Flint River          Basin
Aerosol Iron Solubility
Dealiasing Doppler Velocites Using Edge Detection
Assimilation of Lightning Data Using a Nudging Method Involving Low-Level Warming
Tropical Cyclone Eyewall Slope as Determined from Radar Reflectivity Data
Understanding the Relationships Between Lightning, Cloud Microphysics, and Airborne Radar-Derived Storm Structure during Hurricane Karl (2010)
Assessing Uncertainty in Simulated Atmospheric Transport and Dispersion Using a WRF-3DVAR Cycling Multiphysics Ensemble
Role of Horizontal Resolution in Assessing the Transport of CO Using WRF-Chem
Evaluating the Aerosol First Indirect Effect Using Satellite Data
Lightning Observations during Tropical Cyclone Intensity Change
Determination of the Quantity of Cloud Liquid in Snow Clouds and Its Effect on Masking          the Snow Scattering Signature
Predictability of Dry Season Reforecasts over the Tropical South American Region
Low-Frequency Variations of the Sea Breeze in Florida
Transport Simulations of Carbon Monoxide and Aerosols from Boreal Wildfires during Arctas Using WRF-Chem
Quantifying the Possible Existence of Undocumented Atlantic Warm Core Cyclones in NOAA/CIRES 20th Century Reanalysis Data