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Diagnostic Study of the Effects of Trough Interactions on Tropical Cyclone QPF
Modified JMA ENSO Index and Its Improvements to ENSO Classification
Developing Statistical Guidance for Afternoon Lightning Activity in Portions of Two          South Florida Counties
Analysis and Evolution of Balance in Unstable Barotropic Jets
Observational Analyses and Idealized Numerical Simulations of African Wave Dynamics
Warm Season Lightning Distributions over the Northern Gulf of Mexico Coast and Their Relation to the Mesoscale and Synoptic Scale Environments
Evolution of the Organization of Convection and Scale Interactions during Hurricane          Genesis
Forecast Skill of the NCEP GFS Model in the Southern Hemisphere Stratosphere in 2006
Dynamics of the Wind Field Expansion Associated with Extratropically Transitioning          Tropical Cyclones
Investigation of Coherent Tropopause Disturbances Using a High Resolution Global          Model
Effects of a Diurnal Sea Surface Temperature on Atmospheric Variability and Surface Fluxes
Uncertainty in Scatterometer-Derived Vorticity
Using Airborne Doppler Radar Data to Examine Eyewall Angular Momentum Budgets
Balanced and Unbalanced Flow in Primitive Equation Model Simulations of Baroclinic Wave Life Cycles
Hurricane Surface Wind Model for Risk Management
Skill of Synthetic Superensemble Hurricane Forecasts for the Canadian Maritime          Provinces
Quikscat-Derived Near-Surface Vorticity during Tropical Cyclogenesis
Chemical and Meteorological Analysis of Long-Range Transport from Africa during Austral Spring
Global and Regional Diagnostic Comparison of Air-Sea Flux Parameterizations during Episodic Events