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Platelet Function Is Modified By Common Sequence Variation In Megakaryocyte Super Enhancers
M(6)a Pathway Facilitates Sex Determination In Drosophila
Polar Rotor Scattering As Atomic-level Origin Of Low Mobility And Thermal Conductivity Of Perovskite Ch3nh3pbi3
Overcoming The Crystallization And Designability Issues In The Ultrastable Zirconium Phosphonate Framework System
Rare Earth Separations By Selective Borate Crystallization
A route for a strong increase of critical current in nanostrained iron-based superconductors
Spatially inhomogeneous electron state deep in the extreme quantum limit of strontium titanate
Magnetic torque anomaly in the quantum limit of Weyl semimetals
Temperature-driven massless Kane fermions in HgCdTe crystals
Crystallization of spin superlattices with pressure and field in the layered magnet SrCu2(BO3)(2)
Interplanar coupling-dependent magnetoresistivity in high-purity layered metals
Orbital two-channel Kondo effect in epitaxial ferromagnetic L1(0)-MnAl films
Unfolding the physics of URu2Si2 through silicon to phosphorus substitution