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Mtor Signaling Regulates Central And Peripheral Circadian Clock Function
Essential roles of CKIdelta and CKIepsilon in the mammalian circadian clock.
Light-regulated translational control of circadian behavior by eIF4E phosphorylation.
Intercellular Coupling of the Cell Cycle and Circadian Clock in Adult Stem Cell Culture.
tunable artificial circadian clock in clock-defective mice.
miRNAs are required for generating a time delay critical for the circadian oscillator.
period of the circadian oscillator is primarily determined by the balance between casein kinase 1 and protein phosphatase 1.
Rhythmic PER abundance defines a critical nodal point for negative feedback within the circadian clock mechanism.
Stoichiometric relationship among clock proteins determines robustness of circadian rhythms.
Strong resetting of the mammalian clock by constant light followed by constant darkness.