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Intruder Configurations Of Excited States In The Neutron-rich Isotopes P-33 And P-34
Exclusive Photoproduction Of Pi Degrees Up To Large Values Of Mandelstam Variables S, T, And U With Clas
Measurement Of The Beam Asymmetry Sigma And The Target Asymmetry T In The Photoproduction Of Omega Mesons Off The Proton Using Clas At Jefferson Laboratory
Interaction Of He-8 With Pb-208 At Near-barrier Energies
Alpha-unbound Levels In Ar-34 From Ar-36(p,t)ar-34 Reaction Measurements And Implications For The Astrophysical S-30(alpha, P)cl-33 Reaction Rate
Cluster Folding Analysis Of Ne-20+o-16 Elastic Transfer
Measurements Of The Gamma(upsilon)p -> P 'pi(+)pi(- )cross Section With The Clas Detector For 0.4 Gev2 < Q(2) < 1.0 Gev2 And 1.3 Gev < W < 1.825 Gev
Gamma-ray Decay From Neutron-bound And Unbound States In Mo-95 And A Novel Technique For Spin Determination
Exclusive Eta Electroproduction At W > 2 Gev With Clas And Transversity Generalized Parton Distributions
Measurement Of Target And Double-spin Asymmetries For The (e)over-right-arrow (p)over-right-arrow -> E Pi(+)(n) Reaction In The Nucleon Resonance Region At Low Q(2)
Measurement Of The Beam Asymmetry Sigma For Pi(0) And Eta Photoproduction On The Proton At E-gamma=9 Gev
Indirect Study Of The Stellar Ar-34(alpha, P)k-37 Reaction Rate Through Ca-40(p, T)ca-38 Reaction Measurements
Independent Measurement Of The Hoyle State Beta Feeding From B-12 Using Gammasphere
Half-lives Of Neutron-rich Cd128-130
Multiple Band Structures In Ge-70
Cluster Structure Of O-17
Octupole Strength In The Neutron-rich Calcium Isotopes
Photoproduction Of The F(1)(1285) Meson
Photoproduction Of Lambda And Sigma(0) Hyperons Using Linearly Polarized Photons
Nuclear mass predictions for the crustal composition of neutron stars
Persistence of collective behavior at high spin in the N = 88 nucleus 153Tb
gamma-soft Ba-146 and the role of nonaxial shapes at N approximate to 90
Power Of Two
Sensitivity Of The Fusion Cross Section To The Density Dependence Of The Symmetry Energy
Validating Neural-network Refinements Of Nuclear Mass Models
Double K-s(0) Photoproduction Off The Proton At Clas
Determination Of The Real Part Of The Eta '-nb Optical Potential
Difference In Proton Radii Of Mirror Nuclei As A Possible Surrogate For The Neutron Skin
Reaction Rate For Carbon Burning In Massive Stars
Radiative Decay Of Neutron-unbound Intruder States In O-19
Structure Of C-14 And B-14 From The C-14,c-15(d,he-3)b-13,b-14 Reactions
Sub-coulomb He-3 Transfer And Its Use To Extract Three-particle Asymptotic Normalization Coefficients
Target And Beam-target Spin Asymmetries In Exclusive Pion Electroproduction For Q(2) > 1 Gev2. I. Ep -> E Pi(+)n
Target And Beam-target Spin Asymmetries In Exclusive Pion Electroproduction For Q(2) > 1 Gev2. Ii. Ep -> E Pi(0) P
Target And Beam-target Spin Asymmetries In Exclusive Pi(+) And Pi(-) Electroproduction With 1.6-to 5.7-gev Electrons