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Functional Effects of a Restrictive-Cardiomyopathy-Linked Cardiac Troponin I Mutation          (R145W) in Transgenic Mice
Hypothalamic-Pituitary Function in Brain Death
Is Calcitonin Useful for Reducing the Pain of Acute Osteoporotic Fractures?
Brain Death, Paternalism, and the Language of "Death"
Personality Predictors of Longevity
Personality, Metabolic Rate and Aerobic Capacity
Perceptions of Aging Across 26 Cultures and Their Culture-Level Associates
What is the Best Treatment for Patients of All Ages with Community-Acquired          Pneumonia?
What is the Best Treatment for Postinfluenza Pneumonia?
What Are the Risks of Oral Contraceptives in Patients with Cardiovascular Disease Risk          Factors?
Professor Gert's Views on Death
Sex-Specific Correlates of Walking Speed in a Wide Age-Ranged Population
Should Coenzyme Q10 Be Used to Lower Blood Pressure in Asymptomatic Patients?
When is Heparin Indicated for the Management of Acute Stroke?
Trait Antagonism and the Progression of Arterial Thickening
Correlates and Phenomenology of First and Third Person Memories
Associations Between Personality Traits, Physical Activity Level, and Muscle          Strength
Teeth Grinding