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Numerical Simulation of the Cyclic Voltammogram of Polyacetylene
Magnetic and Transport Properties of Electrochemically Oxidized Polyacetylene
Prospects for Using C60 and C70 in Lithium Batteries
Cyclic Voltammetry of Pristine, Isomerized, Deuterated, and Partially Hydrogenated          "P-Type" Polyacetylene
Evolution of Physical and Electrochemical Properties of Polypyrrole during Extended          Oxidation
Electrochromism and Electrocatalysis in Viologen Polyelectrolyte Multilayers
Analytical Electrochemical Impedance Modeling of Li-air Batteries Under D.C.          Discharge
Modeling of Li-Air Batteries with Dual Electrolyte
Some Possible Approaches for Improving the Energy Density of Li-air Batteries