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Analytical Electrochemical Impedance Modeling of Li-air Batteries Under D.C.          Discharge
Evolution of Physical and Electrochemical Properties of Polypyrrole during Extended          Oxidation
Magnetic and Transport Properties of Electrochemically Oxidized Polyacetylene
Modeling of Li-Air Batteries with Dual Electrolyte
Numerical Simulation of the Cyclic Voltammogram of Polyacetylene
Some Possible Approaches for Improving the Energy Density of Li-air Batteries
Cyclic Voltammetry of Pristine, Isomerized, Deuterated, and Partially Hydrogenated          "P-Type" Polyacetylene
Electrochromism and Electrocatalysis in Viologen Polyelectrolyte Multilayers
Prospects for Using C60 and C70 in Lithium Batteries