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Potential Contributions of Career Information Delivery Systems to One-Stop Career Centers, Military Downsizing, and School-to-Work Transition Initiatives
Process for Developing the Structure of Need-Based Web Sites
Priorities for Relating Career Information Delivery Systems (CIDS) and Federal Initiatives
Comparison of the Effectiveness of Three Computer-Assisted Career Guidance Systems on College Students' Career Decision Making Processes
Design Strategies for Need-Based Internet Web Sites in Counseling and Career Services
Current Status and Future Potential for Evaluating the Design and Use of Computer-Based Career Information Delivery Systems in the United States
Differential Feature-Cost Analysis of Seventeen Computer-Assisted Career Guidance Systems
Differential Feature-Cost Analysis of Internet-Based Career Information Delivery Systems (CIDS)
Preliminary Study of the Availability and Use of Information and Assessment Resources in One-Stop Centers
Analysis of the Localization Feature of Two Computer-Assisted Career Guidance Systems - DISCOVER and SIGI PLUS
"Demand Side" of General Education - A Review of the Literature
Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Florida Choices Implementation in High Schools
Financial Status, Organizational Structure, and Staffing of Career Information Delivery Systems in the United States
Maximizing Staff Resources in Meeting the Needs of Job Seekers in One-Stop Centers
Impact of DISCOVER for Adult Learners and SIGI PLUS on the Career Decision Making of Adults Technical Report Number 9
Impact of DISCOVER and SIGI on the Career Decision Making of College Students
Holland's Theory and Effective Use of Computer-Assisted Career Guidance Systems
Comparative Analysis of the Impact of Two Generations of a Computer-Assisted Career Guidance System - SIGI and SIGI PLUS
Client Anticipation About Computer-Assisted Career Guidance System Outcomes