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Following the Breadcrumbs
Examining Undergraduate Students' Priorities For Academic Library Services And Social Media Communication
Facebooking It
From Assessment to Implementation
Ethical Dilemma
Gender Deception in Asynchronous Online Communication
Exploration of Teacher and Librarian Collaboration in the Context of Professional Preparation
Leader's Dilemma Game
Mining Twitter to Assess the Public Perception of the "Internet of Things"
Building Community among Museum Information Professionals: A Case Study of the Museum Computer Network
Collections Cubed Survey Instrument (2015)
Parameterized Non-intrusive Reduced Order Model And Error Analysis For General Time-dependent Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations And Its Applications
Perceptions and Experiences of E-learning Among On-Campus Students
Peritextual Literacy Framework
Trust or Consequences? Causal Effects of Perceived Risk and Subjective Norms on Cloud Technology Adoption
Trustworthiness Attribution
review of web-assisted interventions for diabetes management
Practices Of Research Data Curation In Institutional Repositories
Utilizing A Structural Meta-ontology For Family-based Of The Bioportal Ontologies
“One Must Actually Take Facts as They Are”: Information Value and Information Behavior in the Miss Marple Novels
What do academic libraries tweet about, and what makes library tweet useful?
activity theoretic model for information quality change
Dyadic Attribution Model
Computer-Mediated Deception:
Early Literacy in Library Storytimes
Early Literacy In Library Storytimes, Part 2
Researchers' participation in and motivations for engaging with research information management systems
Researchers' uses of and disincentives for sharing their research identity information in research information management systems
Researchers' Participation In And Motivations For Engaging With Research Information Management Systems
Role Of Inter-professional Collaboration To Support Science Learning
Qualitative Analysis of Faith Community Nurse–Led Cognitive-Behavioral and Spiritual Counseling for Dementia Caregivers
Survey of Information Literacy Instructional Practices in U.S. Academic Libraries