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Regional Trends In The Fractional Solubility Of Fe And Other Metals From North Atlantic Aerosols (geotraces Cruises Ga01 And Ga03) Following A Two-stage Leach
Distribution And Rates Of Nitrogen Fixation In The Western Tropical South Pacific Ocean Constrained By Nitrogen Isotope Budgets
Synthetic Ozone Deposition And Stomatal Uptake At Flux Tower Sites
Aluminium In The North Atlantic Ocean And The Labrador Sea (geotraces Ga01 Section)
Dissolved Pb And Pb Isotopes In The North Atlantic From The Geovide Transect (geotraces Ga-01) And Their Decadal Evolution
Massive asphalt deposits, oil seepage, and gas venting support abundant chemosynthetic communities at the Campeche Knolls, southern Gulf of Mexico
Nitrogen isotopic evidence for a shift from nitrate- to diazotroph-fueled export production in the VAHINE mesocosm experiments
Source, transport and fate of soil organic matter inferred from microbial biomarker lipids on the East Siberian Arctic Shelf
Top-down, bottom-up and physical controls on diatom-diazotroph assemblage growth in the          Amazon River plume