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Eto Perro Experimental Dugout Canoe Project
Digitizing of Archaelogical Sketches of Mycenaean Cooking Vessels
Predicting Trending
Dynamic Legged Robot
American Expatriate Literary Tradition
Exploration and Synthesis of Cyclooctyne Precursors
Systematic Examination of Music Listening Programming on Engagement/Behavior, Mood, and Cognition of Older Adults with Alzheimer's Disease and Other Related Dementia (ADRD)
Truth About North Korean Media
Impact of a Celebrity
Implementation of E-books to Increase Language and Literacy Levels In Young ELLs
19th Century Prisons in Practice
Elites, Crime, and Democratic Support in Latin America
"Gimme Shelter"™
Are you infected with the social contagion?
Are two-year colleges the key to expanding the scientific labor force?
Gender and Media Studies
Analyzing Teachers' Use of Oral Language During Literacy Instruction
How Accurate Is Wikipedia?
Italian Occupation of Slovenia and the Aftermath of World War II
Probiotic and Prebiotic Supplementation in Lactose Intolerant Subjects
Examination of Nicotine-Induced Alterations in Germ Cell DNA
French Theosophy, Music, Art, and Reception
Resistance Training Improves Muscular Strength and Lymphedema in Breast Cancer Survivors
Finding Freedom Summer
Impact of Screen Reading on Passage Comprehension
Great Equalizer
The Art on Campus Initiative
Elite Influence among Anxious Citizens
Nature of a Painting Studio
Environmental Documentaries and Communities of Activism
Molecular Ferroelectrics
Fluctuations and Trends in Chlorophyll-a in the Arctic Ocean
Parent and Teacher Perceptions of Attributes for Success
Cellulose-Based Carbon Nanotube Paper Batteries
Ernest Hemingway
Coastal Resilience and Climate Adaptation Planning