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Impaired Antisaccades In Obsessive-compulsive Disorder
Remote Health Monitoring for Older Adults and Those with Heart Failure
latent profile analysis of math achievement, numerosity, and math anxiety in twins.
Hippocampal adult neurogenesis
Temperature Influences Chorda Tympani Nerve Responses to Sweet, Salty, Sour, Umami, and Bitter Stimuli in Mice.
ties that bond
Neurochemical Mediation of Affiliation and Aggression Associated With Pair-Bonding.
neurobiology of pair bond formation, bond disruption, and social buffering.
role of ΔfosB in the medial preoptic area
Assessing the Comorbidity Gap between Clinical Studies and Prevalence in Elderly Patient Populations.
Consequences of Misspecifying Levels of Variance in Cross-Classified Longitudinal Data Structures
Development and Validation of a Revised Version of the Math Anxiety Scale for Young Children.
The Effect of Casein Protein Prior to Sleep on Fat Metabolism in Obese Men
Understanding the Home Math Environment and Its Role in Predicting Parent Report of Children's Math Skills.
Paternal deprivation affects social behaviors and neurochemical systems in the offspring of socially monogamous prairie voles.