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Empirical Deck for Phased Construction and Widening
Influence of Anomalies on Bond Layer to the Perfomance of Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) Retrofit
Analytical Modeling of Fiber Reinforced Post-Tensioned Concrete Anchorage Zones
Ground Tire Rubber as a Component Material in Concrete Mixtures for Paving Concrete
Dynamic Response of Highway Bridges Subjected to Heavy Vehicles
Behavior of Plywood and Fiberglass Steel Composite Tube Structures Subjected to Impact Loading
Transverse Analysis and Field Measurements of Segmental Box Girder Bridges
Methane Emission and Oxidation Through Landfill Covers
Static Structural Implications of Bridge Pile Bents by Vessel Impact under Scoured Conditions
Influence of Surface Friction and Other Parameters on Concrete's Response to Loading
Effects of Secondary Elements and Joints on Strain Distribution in Composite Steel Girder Bridges
Exploration of Monostrand Use in Segmental Box Girder Bridges
Deficiency Analysis of Coastal Buildings for Storm Damage Reduction
Design of Cost Effective Lysimeter for Field Evaluation of Alternative Landfill Cover          Projects Using HYDRYS 2D Simulation
Environmental Sustainability of Ethanol Production Using the Lifecycle Analysis          Method
Barrier, Joint, and Diaphragm Effects on Force Distribution in Prestressed Concrete Girder Bridges
Bulb-T Girder Bridge Barrier Effect on Live Load Distribution