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Driver Behavior in Mixed Connected-Automated and Conventional Vehicle Traffic at a Freeway Merge
Optimization of Alternative Wind Turbine Towers in Low Wind Resource Regions
Verification, Validation and Optimization of Finite Element Model of Bus Structure for Rollover Test
Optimal Design of Passive Fluid Viscous Dampers for Controlling Vibrations in Seismically-Excited Truss Towers
Safety Analysis of Florida Urban Freeways with Special Focus on the Influence of Truck Lane Restriction Policy
Mitigation of Vortex Induced Response in Long Span Bridges
Effect of Friction on Vehicle Crashworthiness during Rollover
Weibull-Based Deterioration and Preservation Models for Florida Bridges
Analytical Modeling of Fiber Reinforced Post-Tensioned Concrete Anchorage Zones
Health Index and Deterioration Models for Florida Bridges
Ground Tire Rubber as a Component Material in Concrete Mixtures for Paving Concrete
Dynamic Response of Highway Bridges Subjected to Heavy Vehicles
Behavior of Plywood and Fiberglass Steel Composite Tube Structures Subjected to Impact Loading
Development of a Measure of Effectiveness for the Florida Elder Road User          Program
Evaluation of the Distribution of Interchange Crashes Based on Severity Level
Risk Assessment of Florida's Coastal Bridges Exposed to Hurricane-Induced Storm Surge Wave Forces
Prefabricated Bridge Elements and Systems for off-System Bridges
Investigation of Carbon Fiber Composite Cables (CFCC) in Prestressed Concrete Piles
Analysis of Cost Change in Air Force Construction Projects from Planning to Completion
Buildings' Sustainability Analysis
Exploration of Monostrand Use in Segmental Box Girder Bridges
Fatigue Evaluation of Structural Composite Lumber (SCL) T-Beam Bridge Girders
Evaluation of Florida-I Beam Bridges with Precast Concrete Deck Panels (Non-prestressed and Prestressed)
Evaluation of Geometric and Traffic Characteristics Affecting the Safety of Six-Lane Divided Roadways
High Alkalinity Cement
Multi-Criteria Approach for Rating Roadway Sustainability
Development of User Cost Model for Movable Bridge Openings in Florida
Decision Support System to Rank and Evaluate Crash Attenuators
Bulb-T Girder Bridge Barrier Effect on Live Load Distribution
Stochastic Preservation Model for Transportation Infrastructure
Pressure Drag Reduction on Patterned Cylindrical Models Inspired by Biomimicry
Simulation of Traffic Crashes Using Cell Based Microsimulation
Modeling Highway Crashes Using Bayesian Belief Networks Technique and GIS
Evaluation of Truck Lane Restriction on Non-Limited Access Urban Arterials
Large Wind Missile Impact Performance of Public and Commercial Building Assemblies