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Damage Detection in Reinforced Concrete Structures with In-Situ Triboluminescent          Optical Fiber Sensors
Driver Behavior in Mixed Connected-Automated and Conventional Vehicle Traffic at a Freeway Merge
Optimization of Alternative Wind Turbine Towers in Low Wind Resource Regions
Modeling of Complex Behaviors of Submarine Debris Flows
Effect of Friction on Vehicle Crashworthiness during Rollover
Weibull-Based Deterioration and Preservation Models for Florida Bridges
Evaluation of Florida Vehicle Classification Table
Evaluation of Florida Asphalt Mixtures for Crack Resistance Properties Using the Laboratory Overlay Test Procedure
Health Index and Deterioration Models for Florida Bridges
Development of the Gas Push-Pull Test for Landfill Cover Soil Applications
Rollover Procedures for Crashworthiness Assessment of Paratransit Bus Structures
Prediction of Wind Induced Damage Using Prior Knowledge and Monitored Data
Analysis of Route Choice and Activity Scheduling Dynamics in Multi-Agent Transport Simulation Environment for Efficient Network Demand Estimation
GIS-Based Spatial and Temporal Analysis of Aging-Involved Crashes in Florida
Evaluation of Florida-I Beam Bridges with Precast Concrete Deck Panels (Non-prestressed and Prestressed)
High Alkalinity Cement
Aging Driver Focused Traffic Crash Frequency and Severity Analyses
Response of a Wind Turbine Structure to Strong Ground Motions and High Velocity Winds
Pressure Drag Reduction on Patterned Cylindrical Models Inspired by Biomimicry
Biomechanics of Older Drivers in Vehicular Crashes