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Priests and penitents: differing views of the Christ of Portbelo.
Bioprospecting or biopiracy, the complex relations of the appropriation of indigenous knowledge.
Enna Zdravkovic: a life history of one Russian POW Holocaust survivor.
Negotiating language and power: passive responsibility as social action among bilingual Salvadoran immigrants in suburban Long Island.
Ceramic technology and fabric analysis of early Copper Age pottery on the Great Hungarian Plain.
Cross cultural variation in the salience of ethnic markers in the EHRAF
The presentation of Islam and Muslims in world history textbooks in use in Leon County, Florida.
study of heavy fraction flotation samples at two early Copper Age sites.
Strontium isotope and trace element analysis of Copper Age human skeletal material from the Great Hungarian Plain.
The divine network: feminist Paganism in Tallahassee.
Perceptions of interracial adoption among black middle-class parents