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simulated annealing heuristic for maximum correlation core/periphery partitioning of binary networks.
comparison of latent class, K-means, and K-median methods for clustering dichotomous data.
confidence building exercise in data and identifiability
Comparison of Rule-based Analysis with Regression Methods in Understanding the Risk Factors for Study Withdrawal in a Pediatric Study.
Preliminary Analysis of Difficulty of Importing Pattern-Based Concepts into the National Cancer Institute Thesaurus.
Perceiving the Usefulness of the National Cancer Institute Metathesaurus for Enriching NCIt with Topological Patterns.
Construction and Optimization of a Large Gene Coexpression Network in Maize Using RNA-Seq Data.
Prediction of homoprotein and heteroprotein complexes by protein docking and template-based modeling
Self-organization in precipitation reactions far from the equilibrium.
application of the elastic net for an endophenotype analysis.
Rate Constants and Mechanisms of Protein-Ligand Binding.
Landmark-Free Method for Three-Dimensional Shape Analysis.
Examining the effect of initialization strategies on the performance of Gaussian mixture modeling.
In vivo quantification of intraventricular hemorrhage in a neonatal piglet model using an EEG-layout based electrical impedance tomography array.
Generalized Ensemble Sampling of Enzyme Reaction Free Energy Pathways.