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Assessing Job Negotiation Competencies of College Students Using Evidence-Centered Design and Branching Simulations
Author Team Diversity and the Impact of Scientific Publications
Building Community among Museum Information Professionals: A Case Study of the Museum Computer Network
Comparison of Sensory Learning Modes and Adaptive Study Strategies in College          Students
Connecting to Collections in Florida
Developing Southern Libraries to Influence the Life of the African-American User
Digital Convergence and the Information Profession in Cultural Heritage Organizations
Evaluative Metadata in Educational Digital Libraries
Examining the Relationship between Prior Knowledge, Causal Maps, and Causal Mapping Processes
Exploring Data Curation Work in a National Clinical Registry
Information and Culture
Investigating Music Information Objects
Mapping the Social World Boundaries of Interdisciplinary Teams
Past Is Awake
Role Assignment and Sense of Community in an Online Course
Socially Inclusive Role of Curatorial Voice
United States Federal Health Care Websites