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Assessment of Online Learners' Performance Using Effective Note-Taking in Chat in Online Learning (ENCO)
Author Team Diversity and the Impact of Scientific Publications
Be a Performance Enhancement Consultant
Be Careful Little Eyes What You See
Career Patterns of Women Librarians Who Were Early Adopters of the Internet
Comparative Citation Analysis Study of Web-Based and Print Journal-Based Scholarly          Communication in the XML Research Field
Culture and Information Needs in Web-Based Learning
Development of Information Technology Curricula Guidelines and Skill Standards
Domain Shared by Computational and Digital Ontology
Early Literacy in Library Storytimes
Early Literacy In Library Storytimes, Part 2
El-Capstone Scale Development
Example Postings' Effects on Online Discussion and Cognitive Load
Exploring the Effect of Cognitive Load on the Propensity for Query Reformulation Behavior
Graduate Students' Information Needs from Electronic Information Resources in Saudi          Arabia
ICTs and Economic Empowerment of Women
Information Behavior of Puerto Rican Migrants to Central Florida, 2003-2009
Information Interaction and Behavior of Distance Education Students in Web-Based Environments
Information Technology Adoption by Principals in Botswana Secondary Schools
Information Use Environments of African-American Dementia Caregivers Over the Course of          Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy for Depression
National Information Policies
Neurophysiologic Analysis of the Effects of Interactive Tailored Health Videos on Attention to Health Messages
Proposing a Theoretical Framework for Digital Age Youth Information Behavior Building Upon Radical Change Theory
Scholarly Use of Journals Offered Through the Health Internetwork Access to Research Initiative (HINARI) and Access to Global Online Research in Agriculture          (AGORA) Programs as Suggested by the Journal-Citing Patterns of Authors in the Leastdevel
Usability Assessment of Integrated Cataloging and Metadata Services
User Acceptance of Web-Based Subscription Databases
User Performance Using an Ontology-Driven Information Retrieval (Ontoir) System