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Assessing the Radiative Effects of Global Ice Clouds Based on CloudSat and CALIPSO Measurements
An Assessment of Multimodel Simulations for the Variability of Western North Pacific Tropical Cyclones and Its Association with ENSO
Climate Mechanism for Stronger Typhoons in a Warmer World
Decadal Variability Of The Meridional Geostrophic Transport In The Upper Tropical North Pacific Ocean
Dynamic downscaling of the North American Monsoon with the NCEP-Scripps Regional          Spectral Model from the NCEP CFS global model
Impact of the Madden-Julian Oscillation on the Indonesian Throughflow in the Makassar Strait during the CINDY/DYNAMO Field Campaign
Influence Of Global Warming On Western North Pacific Tropical Cyclone Intensities During 2015
Process-oriented Diagnosis Of Tropical Cyclones In High-resolution Gcms
Temperature-Salinity Structure of the North Atlantic Circulation and Associated Heat and Freshwater Transports
Understanding The Variations Of The Length And The Seasonal Rainfall Anomalies Of The Indian Summer Monsoon