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Interference and Facilitation
Randomized Controlled Trial Examining a Brief Anxiety Sensitivity Cognitive Concerns Intervention for Obsessive-Compulsive Symptoms
Examining the Role of Social Media in Nonsuicidal Self-Injury
Imagining Is Believing
Do Different Attention Capture Paradigms Measure Different Types of Capture?
Expert-Performance Approach to the Study of the Development of Understanding during Complex Learning
Autobiographical Memory Perspectives in Suicide Attempt and Task Recall
Factors Affecting the Likelihood of Constrained Retrieval
Making the Connections Between Elements Participating in Cognitive Associations
Reactive Effects of Memory Performance Predictions
Information Processing Deficits in Nonclinical Compulsive Hoarding
Deliberate Practice, Mental Representations, and Skilled Performance in Bowling
Inhibiting False Memories
Adaptive Mechanisms of Superior Judgment under Uncertainty
Regulation of Dendritic Spine Proliferation
Where Action Meets Linguistic Meaning
Expert Performance Approach to Examining Individual Differences in Study Strategies
Complexity of Intergroup Interactions
Implications of National Symbols for Majority and Minority Group Members' Academic Performance
Cue-Utilization Approach to Cognitive Monitoring and Performance
Ego Depletion, Working Memory, and the Executive Function of the Self
Age-Related Differences in Memory Accuracy and Memory Monitoring
Investigating the Simulation of Event Locus during Online Comprehension
Pride and Humility
Item-Specific and Relational Processing Account of Emotional Memory          Enhancement
Effect of Recent Visual Experience on Later Reading