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Neurobiological Mechanisms of Mating-Induced Stress-Buffering and Anxiolysis
Examining the Relationship Between Histrionic Symptoms and Emotional Processing
Affiliation versus Hostility
Factors Influencing Remindings
Embodied Free Will Beliefs
Classification of Juvenile Sexual Offenders by Victim Age Based Subgroups
Divide and Conquer
Peri-Personal Space and the Representation of Quantity
Executive Function Among Preschool Children
Investigating the Factor Structure of Vocabulary Knowledge
Proteomic Analysis of Deafferentation-Induced Changes in the Chick Cochlear Nucleus
Role of Memory in a Structural Priming Task
Using Conceptual versus Monolingual Assessment of English Language Learners to Predict the Development of Emergent Literacy Skills
Breaking the Soft Constraints?
Approaching Your Goal
Linguistic Alignment
Influence of Movement on the Directionality of Space-Time Representation Mappings
Neural Dynamics of Vocal Plasticity
Exploring Perceptual Fluency Using Complex Images
Alcohol Intoxications Effects on Visual Search for Single-Feature and          Conjunctive-Features Targets
Intentional Binding of Negative Items in Memory
Item-Specific and Relational Processing Account of Emotional Memory          Enhancement