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Affective and Behavioral Dysregulation
Amelioration of Anxiety Sensitivity Cognitive Concerns
Association Between Self-Regulation and Hoarding Symptoms
Ataques de Nervios
Cognitive Control of Acute Symptoms during a 35% Co2 Challenge
Consequences of Upward Social Comparisons in Social Anxiety
Development and Evaluation of a Computerized Intervention for Low Distress Tolerance and Its Effect on Performance on          a Neutralization Task
Dissociation and Anxiety Sensitvity
Effect of Homework Compliance on Smoking Cessation and Anxiety Management
Effects of Interpretation Bias Modification on Tolerance of Uncertainty and Compulsive Checking Symptom          Presentation
Effects of Interpretation Training on Hostile Attribution Bias and Reactivity to Anger Provocation
Evaluating the Effects of Clutter on Information Processing Deficits in Hoarding Prone Individuals
Evaluation of an Interpretation Bias Modification for Anxiety Sensitivity with Cold-Pressor Augmentation
Examination of Interpretation Bias Modification for Intolerance of Uncertainty
Fighting Negative Evaluation
Impulsivity, Affective Lability, and Affective Intensity
Information Processing Deficits in Nonclinical Compulsive Hoarding
Latent Structure of Child Depression
Panic Symptoms and Anxiety Sensitivity in African Americans
Randomized Controlled Trial Examining a Brief Anxiety Sensitivity Cognitive Concerns Intervention for Obsessive-Compulsive Symptoms
Randomized Pilot Study of a Brief Transdiagnostic Treatment for Anxiety Disorders
Reducing Eating Disorder Risk Factors Among Gay College-Aged Males
Refinement and Examination of a Brief Anxiety Sensitivity Focused Intervention
Role of Loneliness in the Relationship Between Social Anxiety and Substance Use
Role of Self-Verification in Explaining Rejection-Related Behavior in Social Anxiety
Role of Substance-Specific Subjective Effects in Predicting Drug of Choice and Substance Use Disorders
Role of Urgency in Maladaptive Coping Behaviors
Social Anxiety and Selective Attention
Test of Joiner's Theory
Testing the Efficacy of Two Prevention Interventions for Individuals at Risk for Suicide and Depression
Treatment Seeking Among College Students with Problem Drinking and Comorbid Mood and Anxiety Symptomology
Understanding the Relationship Between Emotional and Behavioral Dysregulation
Use of Motivation Enhancement Therapy to Increase Intervention Utilization in a Population at High-Risk of Developing Anxiety Psychopathology
What Intolerance of Uncertainty and Intolerance of Ambiguity Look like