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Accuracy of Children's Perceptions and Their Peer Acceptance
Acute Overarousal and the Acquired Capability for Suicide
Associations Between Perceived Criticism and Suicide Ideation and Attempts
Atypical Beauty Concepts May Confer Risk for Symptoms of Anorexia Nervosa and Suicidal Behavior
Bias and Accuracy in Children's Perceived Acceptance
Can Motivation Increase Compensatory Effects of Alcohol Placebos on Cognitive Performance?
Can Smaller Steps Lead to Greater Progress?
Comorbidity of Cluster B Personality and Substance Use Disorders
Components of Anti-Muslim Prejudice
Cost of Seeking the Best
Counting Sleep
Creation and Validation of an Early Identification Measure of Children's Social Dysfunction
Depression-Related Stress Generation
Effect of Invalidation on Emotion Regulation
Effect of Social Exclusion on Close Relationships
Effectiveness of Sexual Offender Treatment for Juveniles as Measured by Recidivism
Effects of Training, Prompting, and Self-Monitoring on Staff Behavior in a Classroom for Students with Varied Exceptionalities
Embodied Free Will Beliefs
Emotion Regulation in Borderline Personality Disorder
Examination of the Racial Differences on MMPI-2 Profiles of Incarcerated Women
Examining Potential Bias in Pre-Service Teachers’ Interpretations of Students’ Reading Abilities
Expert-Performance Approach to the Study of the Development of Understanding during Complex Learning
Exploring Perceptual Fluency Using Complex Images
Frontal Asymmetry, Depression, Gender, and Excessive Reassurance-Seeking
Glucose Allocation during Self-Regulation as a Function of Cognitive Assumptions, Role Motivations, and Monetary Incentives
Hopelessness Regarding Thwarted Belongingness and Perceived Burdensomeness
How Ethnic Identification Attitudes and Acculturative Stress Interact to Predict Suicide & Eating Disorder Symptomatology in Individuals of African Descent
Imagining Is Believing
Impact of Alternate Instructions on MMPI-2 Profiles of Court Ordered Therapy Clients
Inhibiting False Memories
Intentional Binding of Negative Items in Memory
Mating Cues and Declarative Memory
Measuring Self-Regulation Depletion and Depletion's Effect on the Consumption of an Alcohol Palcebo
Persuasion Among the Powerful and Powerless
Pitfalls of Prestige
Predictive Ability of Thwarted Belongingness and Perceived Burdensomeness versus Culture-Specific Indicators of          Suicidality
Predictors of Treatment Attrition Among Individuals with Suicidal Ideation Seeking Treatment at a University-Based Outpatient Clinic
Reducing Eating Disorder Risk Factors Among Gay College-Aged Males
Response Styles Theory
Seasonality in Attempted and Completed Suicide Using Emergency Department Data
Self-Esteem Variability and Vulnerability to Depression
Self-Protective Biases in Group Categorization
Sex Ratio, Sociosexual Orientation, and Intrasexual Aggression
Simulating Object Resolution during Language Comprehension
Stress Generation and Its Relationship with Coping Style
Studying from the Expert Performance Perspective
Suggestibility to False Memories
Symbol of Hate or Pride
Testing the Efficacy of Two Prevention Interventions for Individuals at Risk for Suicide and Depression
Understanding the Relationship Between Borderline Personality Disorder Symptoms and Alcohol Use