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Adaptive Mechanisms of Superior Judgment under Uncertainty
Age, Metamory, & Skill Acquisition
Age-Related Changes in Information Processing on Tasks of Perceptual Speed
Age-Related Differences in Memory Accuracy and Memory Monitoring
Effect of Age on Discounting of Technology-Related Learning
Effect of Assigned Achievement Goals, Self-Monitoring, Interest in the Subject          Matter, and Goal Orientations on Students' Computer Skill Achievement, Use of Learning          Strategies, and Computer Self-Efficacy Beliefs
Effect of Different Types of Worked Examples on Student Learning and Transfer of a Problem Solving Task
Effects of Age and Concurrent Verbalization on Cognitive Task Performance
Effects of Repeated Administration on Intensity Scales
Expert Performance Approach to Examining Factors Contributing to Academic Success in Organic Chemistry
How Learning a Mnemonic Structure Influences Attention Demand at Retrieval
Impact of Yoga on Psychological Health in Older Adults
Increasing Adherence in Aging Interventions Using Action Video Games by Adding a Social Component
Intentional Binding of Negative Items in Memory
Knowledge-Based Theory of Rising Scores on "Culture-Free" Tests
Mental Representation Mediation in Expert Golf Putting
Predictability and the Parafoveal Preview Effect in Younger and Older Adults
Reactive Effects of Memory Performance Predictions
Reviewing Expert Chess Performance
Want to Stand Out or Blend in?
Workspace Availability and Soft Constraints