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Effect of Shyness and Geographical Distance from Home on Loneliness in College Freshmen
Behavioral Assessment of Finger-Counting on SNARC
Biopsychosocial Prenatal Predictors of Postpartum Depression
Social Nesting
Influence of Personality on Individuals' Ratings of Psychopathy
Effect of Physical and Emotional Stress on Nicotine Consumption in Male          Mice
Forward And Backward Chaining In Preschool Children
Developing Multivariate Neurophysiological Phenotypes for Predicting          Psychopathology
Behavioral Reactivity to Social Defeat Stress after Nicotine Exposure during          Adolescence in C57/BL6 Male Mice
Acute Effects of Ketamine on Social Interaction after Chronic Defeat
Relationships, Gender, and Suicide Risk
Nucleus Accumbens Glucagon-like Peptide 1 Receptor Effects on Food Reward
Ego Depletion and Changes in the Premenstrual Phase
Borderline Symptoms and Attention to Emotional Stimuli
Juvenile sexual offenders
Heart Rate Reactivity and Disinhibitory Proneness During an Affective Picture Viewing          Task
Identifying the Effects of Personality Type on Stress
Do Individual Differences in Eye Movement Scanning Predict Simulator Sickness?
Mental Health Court
Influence of Age and Depression on Episodic Memory Functioning in Adulthood
Mate Value as a Predictor of Relationship-Specific Attachment
Association Between Depression and Family, Romantic, and Peer Support in          Adults
Knowledge of Increased Risks Involved in Delaying Childbearing
Examination of relationships between incompleteness and perfectionism
Social Conflict and Self-Control
Predicting Fruit and Vegetable Intake with the Theory of Planned Behavior
Effect of Environmental Stressors on Anxiety-like Behavior Assessed in Two Distinct          Behavioral Tests
Exploring the Robustness of Feature Based Reward Priming
Effects of Stress on the HPA-Axis of Adolescent Mice
Driven to Distraction?
Medication Adherence In Patients With Epilepsy
Coping with Rejection
Cross Cultural Music Therapy Interview
Sexuality and Suicidality
Are Implicit Learning Abilities in Language and Music Related?
Role of Correspondence Bias in the Side-Effect Effect
Effect of Pluralistic Ignorance on Women's Interest in STEM Fields
Factors Correlated with Teacher Response to Child-Initiated Speech
Driving Donating Behavior
Effects of Repeated Checking on Responsibility for Harm Appraisals
Clarifying the Association Between Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder and Suicidal          Behavior
Resilency among Third Graders and their Classmates and Associations with Reading Skill          Gains
Effect of Cognitive Load on Distraction During Visual Search
Effects of Disgust on Relational Memory